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FLS Interpreter Appreciation Dinner


Happy New Year! As our FLS team greets 2024, the New Year provides innumerable possibilities for life-changing communications to our clients across Alabama. It amazes me that we will celebrate our 45th year of business in August. What a responsibility we feel, and, in reflection, I realize that our interpreters are just as committed and receptive to this mission as the FLS staff! So, how do we say “thank you” and show our appreciation? “Let’s plan a holiday party,” we all said. So, FLS hosted our Interpreter Appreciation Dinner on December 12th, inviting interpreters from across the State! These linguists speak English, of course, but their native languages illustrate an ever-increasing bilingual population across the State: Spanish, French, Italian, Creole, German, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, American Sign Language, Arabic, Q’eqchi’, Q’anjob’al, Akateka and more. How nice to see interpreters engage each other! And for FLS staff to chat with them, who make the mission of FLS possible! FLS clients, from hospitals and clinics to schools, to social services offices, to courts and attorneys, know and appreciate our interpreters’ dedication to the LEP citizens of Alabama!

As we welcomed guests, we borrowed a quote from Frank Smith, a Canadian psycholinguist (1928-2020): “Language is not a genetic gift; it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club—the community of speakers of that Language.”

It was THIS community that FLS managers spoke of and celebrated.

Caroline Myers, Co-Founder and President, FLS, Inc.